Colin and Maria
Kendra making damper

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Wundargoodie Tours

This is the land of the Black Cockatoos (Warrl-ngah ).

Wundargoodie invites you to experience one of the last great wilderness areas in the world and see the Kimberley through the eyes of the traditional owners as we share the ancient beauty, mystery and diverse culture of our people and their land.

Established in 1994 and with combined tourism experience that  spans more than 40 years, Wundargoodie proprietors, Colin and Maria share a deep affinity for their homeland in the Kimberley and a passion for sharing the rich and ancient culture of their people.

Operating with involvement of their children. They can teach you about the ancient rock art of the Indigenous peoples of this amazing country. You can swim in beautiful, unspoilt waterholes, explore deep gorges and camp out under a million stars, while travelling in comfortable, air-conditioned 4WD vehicles.

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